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OJESH 0.9% Intensive Plus Serum


Designer: OJESH


OJESH 0.9 Ampoules Intensive Plus 7- Ampoule Set

The main ingredient of hyaluronic acid 0.9 is emulsified by hop fermentation. 

Special design for allergic, acne-prone skin and other problematic skin: Calming and anti-inflammatory play a super powerful dual effect of repairing the bottom environment and damaged barrier skin. 

At the same time, hops are the safest phytoestrogen in nature, which activates rejuvenation and keeps your skin glowing.


 🔺From Hallertau in Bavaria, Germany

 🔺Anti-aging-Reduce visible traces of aging young and energetic-glow booster ampoules

🔺Soothing-Sooth & Energize your skin calm and cool, beauty booster ampoules

🔺Moisturizing-Naturally Heal & repair moisturizing and nourishing, hydration booster ampoules

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